Inspect your skin

Melanoma may be curable when found in early stages. Knowing what to look for and how to find it is your best chance at early skin cancer detection.

Get familiar with the ABCDEs of melanoma and practice a monthly 5-step self-exam to spot skin irregularities. Plus, make routine visits to your dermatologist for a complete skin examination.

The ABCDEs of melanoma

If you notice any of the following irregularities in current or newly developed skin lesions, see a dermatologist immediately.


One half does not match the other half

Border Irregularity

The edges are notched or ragged


Varied shades of tan, black, and brown


Greater than 6 millimeters (about a quarter of an inch)


New and/or significant change in shape, size, or color, or any symptom like bleeding, itching, or tenderness
Early detection of melanoma offers a 99% chance of a 5-year survival rate in the US.
Source: Skin Cancer Foundation

5-step self-exam

Every month, inspect your entire body for any skin changes. Use this 5-step technique to spot skin irregularities even in hard-to-see areas.

In the US, more people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year than all other cancers combined.
Source: Skin Cancer Foundation